Prairie Partners - Fur & Feathers
  Judy Osburn
  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Artist's Description

The inspiration for "Prairie Partners - Fur and Feathers" came from my love of wildlife. The wild horses, coyotes, rabbits, prairie dogs, the scissor-tailed flycatcher, and the birds of prey all shared the plains of Oklahoma with the Buffalo. As a wildlife artist, these animals and birds are subjects in my paintings.

The buffalo played such an important role in the native American culture on the plains that their symbols for "the morning star" (on the forehead), the buffalo skull, and the hoof prints add a mystical element to the design. The
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"morning star", the red setting sun, and the moon of the howling coyote are symbolic of a full circle day on the prairie. The colors chosen are those of the earth, the prairie grass, and the sky.

The spirits of all the animals are woven in a tapestry of earthly wisdom and intrigue.

Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.